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Building Your Child's Self Confidence

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

The formative years of early childhood is an important time where your child needs you to guide them develop their self confidence. Below we share some insights on how you can help encourage your child.

Warmly Received

Children are more willing to express themselves when they feel accepted in their environment. This method is quite effective to help the child's growth and development because they are free to determine their desires.

Encourage Curiosity

Children who explore to satisfy their curiosity usually develop into creative children and have a good interest in learning. When entering school, they will be more daring to ask the teacher and they will know how to learn better and get better results.

Attention and Compliment

Children can improve their confidence by getting attention and compliments for their efforts in doing new skills. The compliments will make them more enthusiastic in trying other new skills.


Introducing a good way of socializing will make it easier for children to communicate and reduce anxiety when dealing with others. Give children the opportunity to play with their peers so that they are also used to have interactions with various kinds of friends and are exposed to possible conflicts to exercise their problem solving skills.

Written for Townforkids by:

Yulita R. Silalahi, M. Psi., Psychologist (Principal of Townforkids Pluit)

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