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Why Children Need to Attend Preschool

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Children are born ready to learn, and have many skills to learn over many years. Early childhood is a time of tremendous growth across all areas of development. There are many things that children can learn at home, but preschool provides the kinds of learning that is difficult to emulate at home. Here are some important reasons your child should attend preschool.

At preschool, children learn the fundamentals of academics and certain skills that will help them become more successful in the future.

All things are learned through play and educational activities in preschool:

1. Preschool promotes emotional and social development

2. Children learn to take care of themselves and others

3. Preschool promotes cognitive and language skills

4. Preschool promotes math and reading skills

5. Preschool encourages a child's curiosity

6. Preschol prepares children for future schooling

Written for Townforkids by:

Yulita R. Silalahi, M. Psi., Psychologist (Principal of Townforkids Pluit)

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