Our Programme


Incorporates some of the best methods to educate and nurture young minds

  • Art and Phonics

  • Language Experience Approach

  • Midisaurus English

  • Investigative Math

  • Inquiry Science

  • Multimedia Learning

  • Music and Movement

  • Little Midisaurus Music Course

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Nursery 1 ▪️ 2 to 3 yrs

Nursery 2 ▪️ 3 to 4 yrs

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Kindergarten 1 ▪️ 4 to 5 yrs

Kindergarten 2 ▪️ 5 to 6 yrs


All-in-one integrated platform for the modern kindergarten


My son is very happy to go to school in Townforkids. He is always excited to go to school, even during holidays. Townforkids has good facilities and psychologist counsel. The teachers are honest and humble, and they know how to treat students well so that they develop a love for learning. Townforkids is the choice for your child.

-Mrs. Fie Fie